Thursday, September 28, 2006



This is for Rebecca. What I did my gauge was 4 the back of my neck was five. That made A to be 20. divide by 3, B=7 multiply by 2, C=14, add 20 + 14, D=34 + 6, E= 40. that number of stitches will not fit over your head and it is not supposed to. It wont fit over your head until you get to the bottom of the V. You are making the back and over the shoulder. So it does not join together until the V is done. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the help dawn! I'm one of those visual learners, and I couldn't get the picture in my head of where I was trying to go! I've got my V complete AND it fits over my head! now to get the increases done to turn it into a sweater....have you made any further progress?

btw. my progress will be documented over at

It looks like you switched out your template to have one that includes links. Alternately, you can switch back to the dots and add in the code yourself. Still, the way I did it was to go into the raw template code, and near the bottom (very near) is a section with sidebar information. And you go into that, and make the url's what you want them to be and then, immediately after, what you want the link to say on the site. They have a google news one for an example...I found it easier to look for that. If this is too vague, eMail me at and I'll do what I can to clarify.
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