Thursday, September 28, 2006



This is for Rebecca. What I did my gauge was 4 the back of my neck was five. That made A to be 20. divide by 3, B=7 multiply by 2, C=14, add 20 + 14, D=34 + 6, E= 40. that number of stitches will not fit over your head and it is not supposed to. It wont fit over your head until you get to the bottom of the V. You are making the back and over the shoulder. So it does not join together until the V is done. Hope that helps.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Crochet Along

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Crochet Along

My first attempt and thankfully you get to try on as you go was so tiny it would not go over my head. Much to shameful for photo. Figured out I had a problem with my maths, don't leave out the .25 round the numbers up. Second attempt much better but will still be ripped out because not happy with the depth of the V. I think I know what to do, however will wait for instructions to save on ripping out. I am using a cotton called Antilles by Anny Blatt. That I picked up in a garage sale at least 10yrs ago. Never knew what to do with it, until last year I did a course on how to knit a jumper without a pattern and did one for my daughter. So the rest is to be used on how to crochet a top but this time for me. I am using a size 6 hook, only because I have a big head and need all the ease I can get and then I had a ah ah moment this morning when I woke up and thought about what was written on the pattern about Julie's version and will reduce needle size in the same manner.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Hats for Tasmania

Both beanies are done in Patons Inca wool and have matching scarves, and I finally get to keep a hat, lucky for me I have a big head and it doesnt fit to many people. I will photograph the matching bag very shortly.  Posted by Picasa


Another Felted Hat

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Crochet Me Magazine

Looking forward to participating in Crochet Along

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