Thursday, December 22, 2005


Matching Scarf

Using the same feature wool I just made a matching scarf to go with the hat. Sorry the photo is not better. Posted by Picasa


Mum's Hat

This one came out more like a Noosa Hat on the brim much flatter with just a turn up on the edge. Really don't know why its just the way it came out of the machine. Posted by Picasa


Bia's Hat

This one I made smaller by leaving 2 Shell rows out of the depth. Not really necessary. If you want to make it smaller its better to leave a row out of the crown. Also I got the brim to roll by not decreasing on the first row of dc. and only on the last three. Posted by Picasa



This is one of those large rectangles that you join short edge to long edge if you get my drift. I liked it on Bron but it didn't do a thing for me. Have found another pattern of the lion web site. The one Martha Stewart wore home from prison! It looks really nice and more shapely. Posted by Picasa


The first felt hat

This hat is where I found I did not need to decrease on all four rows at the end. The brim folded over in half dead flat. Still nice just different. If I was to purposely do this again I would make the brim a little larger. Posted by Picasa


Recycled Bag

This turned out to be quite niffty. I have sent it to my mum, along with the pattern for the C W A ladies. I thought they might get a kick out of making a bag from plastic bags. How's that for recycling Posted by Picasa

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