Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Why did I do this?

While browsing through a knitting magazine I found this article on Knit One, Blog One and I thought what a good idea. I have friends all over the place and we are always looking for a new way to communicate our craft ideas and here was a way to share a space to do it. So here we go. In 2003 I attended a craft show and learned how to knit without a pattern that was fabulous however when knitting for a child do not add a 4 inch ease, much to big, thank god for my dress maker friend and her overlocker. In 2004 I attended Prudence Mapstones Freeform Knitting class to make a handbag, the two classes together have given me so much more confidence to do what I think will work and I am starting to select wool/fibre without worrying about patterns. It has rekindled an old passion. When I figure out how to post a photo I will do it.

No account, so I'm anonymous - but I'm sure you know who I am. Do you know, I've never worried about what yarn I'm using, I just fit the needles to the yarn to get an approximation of the sample square, then carry on. Anyway, congrats on your blogspot. Rob.
This is your Dad, I found you 8-))
I am no longer anonymous, I am .... Ambrosia!!
Hi, Dawn.

Your Dad showed me your site, It's great.

I like the pictures!

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